"As a performance accountability agency, we always aim to compare apples to apples and evaluate the effectiveness of the entire system. The registry can help advance our efforts by developing a common taxonomy about credentials. We want people to be able to shorten the time to wage and opportunity progress, and to make informed choices about how to invest their resources to accomplish their career goals. The registry will become enormously useful to both student-jobseekers and talent-seeking employers."
- Eleni Papadakis, Executive Director, Washington State Workforce Training and Education Coordinating Board

Credential Engine Staff

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Scott Cheney
Executive Director
Laura Faulkner
Partnership Solutions Lead
Jeff Grann
Credential Solutions Lead
Scarlett Jeckel
Administration Coordinator
Emilie Rafal
Programs and Operations Manager
Carrie Samson
Communications Manager
Steve Crawford - Consultant
Research Professor
Bob Sheets - Consultant
Research Professor
Jeanne Kitchens - Consultant
Associate Director
Roy Swift - Consultant
Executive Director
Bob Jones - Consultant
Former Assistant Secretary