Held at King & Spalding
1700 Pennsylvania Ave., Washington DC
Suite 200, Conference Room 2F
9:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m.
Board Members in Attendance: Joe Bhatia, Chris Bustamante, Anthony Carnevale, Waded Cruzado, Jim Gibbons, Eleni Papadakis, Andreas Schleicher, Elizabeth Shuler
Absent: Barbara Gellman-Danley, Carol Quillen, Chris Roy
Credential Engine Staff: Scott Cheney
CTI Staff: Steve Crawford, Janet Forte, Bob Jones, Jeanne Kitchens, Emilie Rafal, Bob Sheets, Roy Swift
Advisory Group Chairs: Paul Gaston, Jason Tyszko, Louis Soares
Foundation Staff: Debra Humphreys, Chauncy Lennon, Jamie Merisotis, Holly Zanville
Stax Staff: Romero Hayman, Rafi Musher, Griffin Weiler
1.1 Welcome and Opening Remarks
Jamie Merisotis offered introductory remarks and provided context for Lumina’s interest in the Credential Transparency Initiative (CTI) and Credential Engine. He also thanked the CTI staff, Interim Management Team and consultants. Chauncy Lennon explained why JP Morgan Chase has invested in Credential Engine and introduced Scott Cheney. Scott then asked the Board to introduce themselves.
1.2 Credential Engine Overview, Updates, and Role of Board
Holly Zanville provided an overview of the transition from the Credential Transparency Initiative to Credential Engine. Jeanne Kitchens presented information about the current registry participants, the self-publishing guidelines, how Credential Engine plans to ensure data quality. Bob Sheets explained the acceleration plans for how Credential Engine proposes help the registry go to scale.
1.3 Reports from Advisory Group Chairs, Guidance from Board
Each advisory group chair updated the Board about the membership and goals of their group, as well as the questions and recommendations for the Board. They also discussed the crossover issues between Advisory Groups. Recommendations for the Board include drafting a communications plan, addressing the question of international organizations and credentials, and creating a plan for data quality and the need for a code of ethics.
1.4 Progress Report from Stax Inc.
Stax employees presented the processes they are undertaking to determine possible revenue models for Credential Engine. They will provide sequence and prioritization for how to serve particular audiences and stakeholders, including tradeoffs. They suggested that the biggest source of revenue will be around access to the database.
1.5 Board Issues and Guidance (Board and Staff Only)
Scott Cheney provided updates to the following issues:
Identifying Board Chair, Treasurer, and Terms: it was decided that a poll would be sent out to determine Board officers and that the terms would be set up to stagger.
Stakeholders missing from the Board; there is room to fill an additional 1-3 slots: Board members will send names that fit with the priorities of the organization.
Board Subcommittees: there is a need for a Finance and Audit committee; there is not a need for additional standing committees.
Guidance from Board: eventually, the Board will provide guidance on minimum expected data, global engagement, and dashboards to show progress.
Budgeting & Finance: there is no expectation to bring in money, but request that Board members make connections to funders where appropriate.
Staffing: in addition to an Executive Director, Bob Sheets is expected to continue at 40% and Scott Cheney is looking at the staffing needs going forward and will revise the roles called for in the grant proposals as necessary.
Future Meetings: all present agreed to three in-person meetings and three two hour calls, with additional calls as necessary.
2.0 Adjournment

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