Adding Credential Data Boosts the Search for Talent

Businesses large and small face a talent shortage – this issue affects all industries and most regions across the country, even those communities experiencing low unemployment rates. As a result, business leaders are grappling with how to grow their businesses when unfilled job openings persist and candidates come to them lacking the skills needed to

Credential Engine Board of Directors – September 2017 Meeting Minutes

MEETING MINUTES Credential Engine Board of Directors September 15, 2017 Meeting LOCATION Chicago, Illinois 8:00 a.m. – 3:00 a.m. CT Board Members in Attendance Chris Bustamante, Anthony Carnavale, Waded Cruzado, Barbara Gellman-Danely, Eleni Papadakis, Carol Quillen, and Chris Roy. Absent Joe Bhatia, Jim Gibbons, Andreas Schleicher, and Elizabeth Shuler. Staff and Other Attendees Staff: Scott

Credential Engine Applications Demonstrate Employer Use Cases

On January 18, 2018, Credential Engine hosted a webinar to showcase two different Credential Registry applications under development from the employer community. Once completed, these applications will create a more efficient method for employers to validate credentials reported by applicants as well as build a streamlined process as employers look to survey hiring needs and

Bringing Transparency To The Marketplace With Linked Data

Credential Engine’s Credential Registry uses the power of Linked Data to build a comprehensive database of comparable information about all credentials – from diplomas, badges, and certificates to licenses, certifications and degrees of all types and levels. It is this data that powers Credential Engine forward, and Linked Data is critical to maintaining the integrity