Credential Engine is excited to share a new Challenge from the Department of Education, which seeks “the best ideas worldwide for how to align our postsecondary educational ecosystem to the future of work and life.” Credential Engine understands that a comprehensive understanding of credentials and the credential marketplace will be key to this alignment. As the first and only open standard for credential data, we welcome opportunities to partner with Challenge participants.

The Reimagining the Higher Education Ecosystem Challenge focuses in three key areas:

  • Curating lifelong learning pathways
  • Creating a marketplace for student learning
  • Leveraging emerging technology

Credential Engine applauds the Department for recognizing that the future of education requires us all to become lifelong learners and that we will rely upon technology and open data to navigate the expansive marketplace of traditional and nontraditional credentials. Credential Engine believes this as well, which is why we have worked with our partners to develop the Credential Transparency Description Language (CTDL), as the first-of-its-kind open-source credential language. We know that through the CTDL, credential data can be better collected, connected, and compared across all types of credentials. With this credential clarity, we enable systems to become more responsive and flexible—allowing effective and efficient lifelong learning that is aligned to both educational goals and workforce needs.

Managed by the Office of Education Technology, the Department will be accepting individual and team applications until August 8. Credential Engine stands ready to offer the CTDL and technical assistance to applicants looking to leverage this open standard for credentials, competencies, and assessments as part of their work.

Interested applicants can visit to learn more about this Challenge. We look forward to working with our fellow innovators to tackle this important work and prepare our higher education system for the future.

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