Jobs are changing—are our students prepared? Students today have a variety of pathways to consider after high school. But policymakers, families, and educators do not have the information they need to best support students as they transition from education to the workforce.

The latest roadmap from The Data Quality Campaign and Workforce Data Quality Campaign outlines how states can develop linkages between education and workforce data systems to better align and improve opportunities for students. With these data linkages in place, states can answer critical questions like:

  • How do we prepare students for the jobs of today and the jobs of the future? What jobs are in demand now, and what jobs are going to be in demand?
  • How do workforce outcomes differ among students from different groups (e.g., rural/ urban, race/ethnicity)?
  • In what industries do graduates work after high school? Are students successfully prepared to work in these industries?

Securely linking education and workforce data systems benefits students, states, educators, and employers alike. Credential Engine is honored to be mentioned in this report as one of the organizations working to provide these critical data linkages across stakeholder groups. Read their roadmap to learn more about how states can support the development of these linkages and use them to improve education and workforce opportunities and outcomes.

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