CourseNetworking Collaborates with Credential Engine to Support Learners with Credential Data

By: Allie Wigginton, Marketing Communications & Social Media Coordinator, CourseNetworking

CourseNetworking Making Strides in ePortfolio Development

CourseNetworking (CN) is in the business of academic social-networking, educational technology solutions in order to change the way the world learns. CourseNetworking’s most recent focus: the CN Social ePortfolio aims at creating a life-long, academic-based portfolio platform for students and professionals alike to showcase relevant artifacts and skills. With this focus in mind, partnered with Credential Engine, we’re implementing the Registry into the CN platform. Now, users input skill tags onto their ePortfolios and have the opportunity to filter the Registry by skill tags in order to help them find meaningful credential options in which they are interested.

Credential Engine Aiding CourseNetworking Users

In this respect, Credential Engine data helps CN users find information on career paths that spark their interest in much simpler ways than ever before. For example, a student using CourseNetworking right now can input the skill tag #History on their ePortfolio. Once the user goes to their homepage, they can select the History tag and use Credential Engine’s Registry to filter through potential credentials related to History. Access to this data with the CN+Credential Engine integration can not only save users time and money but help keep open up learning opportunities as well. Credential Engine’s data can help students make informed decisions, putting them at the center of their learning experience. CN has placed the Credential Engine link in every CN social community – with just one click all available credentials tagged with a skill or competency will be displayed.

The Future of AI-Based Credential Guidance

In the future, CN hopes to further integrate with Credential Engine in terms of artificial intelligence, or RUMI – CN’s intelligent agent, helping CN to remain leaders in the educational technology field. In the near future, RUMI will be able to find certificates and degrees for users based on interests and chosen skill tags.

For example, if a student is pursuing a degree in History while the job market is limited, RUMI could find that information by searching Indeed (another partner and integration within CN). Based on job availability information, RUMI, with the help of Credential Engine Registry data, could suggest certifications and degrees to supplement with a History degree that can help the student find a job. Offering this information to students before they graduate is vital, and could save them years of time and money as a result. Going back to the History degree example, RUMI might advise a student to supplement their degree with a certificate in museum management or tourism based on job market data. AI-based guidance is the future of CN’s Credential Engine Registry integration. Visit and for more information on CN and the Rumi project.


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