Credential Engine Provides Key Contributions to White House Report on Interoperable Learning Records

The federal interagency National Council for the American Worker released a new white paper today as part of an ongoing initiative encouraging the private sector and educational institutions to combat the skills crisis by investing in and increasing demand-driven education, training, and re-training. Outlined in this paper are recommendations to the American Workforce Policy Advisory Board

From Real Clear Politics – Why Education Credentialing Needs Greater Transparency

In recent months, a spate of headlines has warned consumers about risky education investments that fail to justify the cost. A $21,000 cosmetology school that led to compounding debt and a job that paid just $9 an hour was flagged by the New York Times. “Certificate schools” were the topic of a similar expose from NBC News. But traditional

From the American Legion – Finding standards a challenge in credentialing world

Standards matter, and many of the speakers at The American Legion National Credentialing Summit on Aug. 28 and 29 reinforced that premise. The summit’s opening keynote speaker, Lumina Foundation CEO Jamie Merisotis, said the differences between civilian credentials and military skills are a barrier. “About 200,000 veterans enter the civilian workforce each year, and statistics