Recent years have seen explosive growth in the number and types of postsecondary credentials that document learning, with much of this growth coming in the form of non-degree certificates. Understanding credentials, and the learning they each represent, is of critical importance for college and university leaders in their efforts to support student success and enhance institutional performance.

For that reason, the American Council on Education (ACE), Credential Engine, American Association of Collegiate Registrars and Admissions Officers (AACRAO), and EDUCAUSE, have joined together to create this resource with the goal of introducing institutions to the concept of “credential transparency.” As we explore below, greater credential transparency can support postsecondary institutions in important ways, such as by communicating the life and career relevancy of credentials to students and employers, aligning program curriculum with education outcomes, integrating student information and technological systems, and connecting credentials from other institutions, businesses, and organizations.

See the full letter below.

pdf_Credential Transparency Initiative Letter FINAL_191104


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