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Stakeholders and Key Initiatives for a Connected Learn-and-Work Ecosystem – A Guide

The ever-shifting work and learn landscape has made selecting an education and training program a more high-stakes choice for students and workers than ever before. With hundreds of thousands of credentials available in the U.S. alone, and little easily-accessible data available about the majority of them, the credential marketplace is confusing and chaotic. While many initiatives are working hard to bring order and understanding to this key piece of the nation’s economy, coordination among efforts has been challenging to track. To improve coordination and collaboration, the Stakeholders and Key Initiatives for a Connected Learn-and-Work Ecosystem covers 36 efforts supported by a total of over 30 funders that consider key questions about the credential marketplace.

We’re pleased to share this working-draft mapping document which we will update each year. Our goal is to bring greater transparency to initiatives already at play and spur conversations about what efforts are missing and actions we can take to accelerate the work.

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