Over the last couple of months, Workforce Monitor has been helping its audience better understand some important issues about workforce development related to higher education. In its most recent newsletter, the conversation shifted toward credentials and encouraging higher education administrators to better understand the credential landscape and help to better map it.

To this end, a variety of Credential Engine resources, partnerships, and initiatives are referenced, ultimately signaling the significance of our work for the higher education community.

In short, by utilizing the Credential Registry (often through a local state agency that has partnered with Credential Engine), college and universities can better position their credentials “for improved visibility among employers, guidance counselors and prospective students,” which will also allow them to “clearly communicate an institution’s value by demonstrating how programs connect to additional credentials and lead to successful careers.”

We invite you to read the article and be on the lookout for the next issue of the Workforce Monitor eNewsletter, slated for publication on March 21, which will continue the credential conversation with a continued emphasis on Credential Engine.

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