WASHINGTON, D.C. (April 2)—GreenLight Credentials and national non-profit Credential Engine have forged a new partnership to leverage their technologies, networks, and expertise to increase access to and the impact of credential information for learners and workers. The two organizations will collaborate on initiatives that advance credential transparency by allowing learners to seamlessly share essential information about their digital credentials with education and training providers to increase their opportunities to earn a quality credential; in turn improving their chances of success when entering the workforce.

“We are always looking to add more value for our users and this partnership comes at the perfect time when people need as many tools as possible to get ahead”, says Manoj Kutty, Founder & CEO of GreenLight. “The CTDL gives us a common language to speak across the landscape for what different credentials, skills, and competencies mean. Which, in turn, allows the industry to better serve and recognize students and workers for those capabilities. This makes learner records more meaningful and that much more significant when it comes to opening doors and creating opportunity.”

The two organizations will advance ongoing efforts to make credentials comparable across a wide variety of platforms. This gives businesses and other users reliable proof of the skills and competences attained by applicants. Credential Engine has established a common language for credentials called the Credential Transparency Description Language (CTDL) to describe credentials and their associated skills, competencies, and learning outcomes.

“This partnership helps to demonstrate how credential transparency benefits people; the learners and workers who have been so negatively affected by this economic crisis,” says Scott Cheney, CEO of Credential Engine. “This is all about empowering learners and workers with better data. To give people a more detailed understanding of what skills and competencies they have, how these can transfer to earn other credentials, and how these align with workforce demands. This is what credential transparency is all about: improving access, opportunity, and benefits directly for individuals.”

GreenLight will work with its partner institutions to map their data to the CTDL and integrate with the Credential Registry—an open-access repository of quality, relevant, and comparable credential information that can be easily placed in the hands of learners, employers, and other stakeholders.

Two immediate benefits of this partnership improve outcomes for learners and employers. Using GreenLight’s CTDL aligned offerings, students will have greater insight into specific skills and competencies employers desire while also allowing students to gain more value for their learning experiences. Employers will benefit from a faster and more reliable way to identify talent that has the skills and experiences that meet their specific needs.

To learn more about this partnership or how to get involved, please contact Scott Cheney, CEO of Credential Engine, scheney@credentialengine.org. For general inquiries please contact info@credentialengine.org.


About GreenLight Credentials: GreenLight’s mission is to accelerate educational and career opportunities by simplifying the college admission process and opening more doors for learning and employment. GreenLight is the world’s largest blockchain-secured ledger of verified life-long learning records and related credentials. Through our technology, GreenLight Credentials empowers individuals to control their digital credentials, deepening trust among users, high schools, colleges, employers and others, while improving outcomes and unlocking value for all.

About Credential Engine: Credential Engine is a non-profit whose mission is mapping the credential landscape with clear and consistent information to fuel the creation of resources that make it easy for people to find the pathways that are best for them.

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