We are excited to announce a new partnership between SkillsFirst and Credential Engine. SkillsFirst helps career centers provide scalable, evidence-based career guidance to job seekers with complete tools for career navigation, career collaboration, and skills demonstration. The goal of this collaboration is to improve equitable career navigation and enhance regional talent supply chains through credential transparency—a common understanding of what different credentials, skills, and competencies mean, where they can be earned, their employment outcomes, and other related information.

This collaboration will focus on helping:

  • Job seekers, especially Black, Indigenous, and people of color (BIPOC), to identify relevant credentials for their target job and making smarter career and education choices;
  • Career coaches and mentors provide high-quality advice about credentials; and
  • Employers signal valuable credentials to regional talent suppliers to enhance local talent supply chains.

To learn more about this partnership or how to get involved, please contact Jeff Grann, jgrann@credentialengine.org.

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