State leaders can use various federal funding streams to support state data systems or related data activities. These federal funding streams are flexible, specify data as an allowable activity, or are allocated specifically for data.

With this in mind, Data Quality Campaign (DQC) has developed Federal Funding for Educational Data: a resource that identifies the amount of funding most likely to be used for these purposes. For grants that have funds that can be used flexibly or include data as an allowable activity, the choice to prioritize state data systems or related activities using these funding streams is at the grantee’s discretion. These figures in this resource represent primarily state-level funding; additional funds flow to local entities that in many cases could be used for local data activities.

Credential Engine thanks DQC for pulling this invaluable resource together. Funding quality and transparent data systems in states is essential. Credential transparency is an emerging part of this work, and funding for it can also be drawn from a variety of sources highlighted by DQC.

We invite you to review this resource. For more information, please contact Scott Cheney, CEO of Credential Engine, at

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