Credential Engine Announces Support for the California Workforce Development Board

Credential Engine announces that it will support the California Workforce Development Board’s (CWDB) requirements to make transparent the credentials provided as part of the Reimagining Workforce Development grant from the United States Department of Education. California was one of eight states to receive this grant award. Credential Engine is working with multiple of those states

PAIRIN, Credential Engine, and Partners Win Contract for ‘My Journey’ to Deliver Education, Certificate and Labor Market Data Analytics for the State of Florida

PAIRIN, the workforce journey company, has been selected by the Florida Department of Education to deliver its My Journey(™) platform to provide consistent data on all credentialing programs offered by Florida school districts, Florida technical colleges, Florida College System (FCS) institutions and other Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) eligible providers, so they can make

Article: Certificates, Bootcamps And Digital Badges Offer An Alternative To Degrees. But Are They Worth It?

There are more than 650,000 different kinds of short-term credentials awarded across the U.S., including certificate programs, boot camps, massive open online courses (MOOCs), and digital badges. But the value and quality of short-term credential programs vary, making it hard for learners and workers to understand how much a given program will pay off. This

Washington State’s Success Story Shows a Strong Commitment to Credential Transparency

    We are happy to announce an update to Washington state’s Success Story offering more detail into our partnership. Washington was one of Credential Engine’s first state partners because leaders recognized the value of building a Registry where credentials could be broken down into their core competencies and skills and be easily viewed, updated,

NCSL’s Credential Transparency Webpage

  National Conference of State Legislatures (NCSL) recently launched a credential transparency webpage! The page gives an overview of Credential Engine and the need for states to embed credential transparency in their efforts. NCSL provides a suite of state examples for leaders to follow. For example, leaders can explore how state actions from Michigan, Minnesota,

Quality Credential Information is Vital for Policymakers, Students and Advocates

In a recent blog post, National Skills Coalition (NSC) expresses the need for Americans to have access to reliable, quality information about their educational options. Good data on credential quality that is transparent, accessible, and actionable can better help people select a path that leads to equitable economic and career success. This is why Credential