States across the country are continuously adapting to the ever-changing economy and are making changes to help their residents and employers have the best opportunities to succeed. States like Alabama and Hawaii are no different. In a recent U.S. News & World Report article, these two states described their efforts to rebuild their economies and pathways from education and training to careers.

Alabama has been working with Credential Engine to develop a one-stop platform to house longitudinal data, which will operate as a virtual resume, or “student backpack,” to signal to employers the credentials that individuals carry. Alabama also works with employers, higher-education professionals and community leaders to publish credential data into the Credential Registry. This helps enhance learners’ access to understanding career pathways throughout the state. Together we are working to develop competency-based career pathways in advanced manufacturing, health care, information technology, construction, transportation, distribution and logistics, and in-demand occupations across all industry sectors.

Both Alabama and Hawaii are new members of National Governors Association’s Workforce Innovation Network (NGA WIN) which helps states build capacity for near-term innovation and longer-term strategy to prepare their workforces for a post-COVID-19 economy. They join Arizona, Colorado, Illinois, Maine, Missouri, New Mexico, Nevada and Washington in the NGA WIN “to incubate ideas, share knowledge and scale innovations to better connect job seekers to work, education, training and the essential supports many need to succeed.”

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