Credential Engine’s work with UNITE-LA was highlighted in a recent Marketplace article. Marketplace is a nonprofit news organization on a mission to raise the economic intelligence of the country.

In the article, Heddy Nam, senior director of workforce development for the nonprofit education group UNITE-LA, commented on the need for better, more transparent information on short-term credentials.

Short-term credentials are more affordable for people looking to get the skills needed in today’s rapidly changing economy. People of all ages and backgrounds will continue to need professional development and training to fill and advance in their jobs.

The problem is that it is difficult to understand which short-term credentials are quality credentials that will lead to success versus dead-ends. To be effective, short-term credentials should be a part of a “seamless pathway” toward life-long employability and increased earning potential.

To make this a reality, UNITE-LA and Credential Engine are using short- and long-term credential data to build tools that can help learners and workers better understand and navigate their options.

Read the full article and listen to the NPR story.

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