Join the Credential Engine team on September 15, 2021, as we launch a new version of the Credential Finder!

Credential Engine’s technology team has been hard at work to create an updated interface that exemplifies the types of tools you can create to access credential data in the Registry.

The Credential Finder is a web-based application that allows users to search, find, and compare credential information. While fully functional, the Credential Finder is intended to serve as an inspiration for the types of custom applications that organizations, institutions, and agencies can develop. The goal for these tools is to make it easy for people—learners, workers, educators, providers, employers, etc—to find and act upon the various credential opportunities available to them.

Join us as the Credential Engine team provides an overview of the Finder, some key innovations in this version, and inspires ideas on the types of custom applications we can help develop! Register today!

View the current version of the Credential Finder.

A blue Credential Engine infographic reads "Speakers" at the top, and displays three speakers and their headshots below: Jeanne Kitchens, Chief Technology Services Officer; Scarlett Jeckel, Accounts and Publishing Coordinator; and Nate Argo, Associate Solutions Architect.

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