CAEL Blog: “Digging in The Competency Sandbox: Is Our Postsecondary System Ready to Play?”

Jeff Grann, Credential Engine, and Becky Klein-Collins, Council for Adult and Experiential Learning, have collaborated on a four-part blog series exploring competency transparency in our learning and labor market systems, the potential role that postsecondary institutions can play, and the work needed to get there. The following is an excerpt from the fourth article in the

Forbes Article: “Can Connections Between Data Systems Propel Economic Recovery? Three States Say Yes.”

This morning, Forbes published an article that highlights why three states — Alabama, Connecticut, and Florida — are committed to credential transparency. We know there are over 23,000 credentials combined across Alabama, Connecticut, and Florida — each representing an opportunity for their residents to get ahead; opportunities which are being made clearer and more attainable

Credential Engine Joins the Workforce Innovation Network

Credential Engine has recently become a partner of the Workforce Innovation Network (WIN) — an initiative from the National Governors Association (NGA) Workforce Development and Economic Policy Program. Since its founding in January 2021, NGA WIN has been a nonpartisan learning and action collaborative for state leaders committed to building an inclusive and resilient workforce