Credential Engine has recently become a partner of the Workforce Innovation Network (WIN) — an initiative from the National Governors Association (NGA) Workforce Development and Economic Policy Program. Since its founding in January 2021, NGA WIN has been a nonpartisan learning and action collaborative for state leaders committed to building an inclusive and resilient workforce and leading an equitable post-pandemic recovery. 

As Governors lead efforts to rebuild and strengthen their economies in equitable and forward-looking ways, NGA WIN offers various supports for states including employment and workforce policy solutions.

Credential Engine joins an impressive group of over twenty subject matter experts, industry leaders, and funders to offer technical assistance to Governors and state leaders in support of their workforce innovation efforts. 

Currently, Credential Engine has partnerships with 27 states and regions and across 2 regional consortia of states. This collaboration with NGA WIN not only strengthens existing state partnerships but also provides an avenue through which to utilize Credential Engine technologies —such as the Credential Transparency Description Language (CTDL) and the Credential Registry — to help states develop the linked open data standards and aligned data systems needed to create enduring, equitable, and forward-thinking solutions to current economic and workforce problems.

To widely adopt these technologies state leaders need to enact policy that encourages their implementation and supports credential providers, employers, organizations, and agencies across the state who are leading this work. Credential Engine — in partnership with NGA and ten other state leadership organizations and experts in education, workforce, and data advocacy — developed resources that can inform policy and guide states forward. 

NGA WIN recently launched a second round of grants to help Governors identify and close digital skill gaps to strengthen the workforce and improve upon systems that help learners and workers acquire in-demand skills. Credential Engine looks forward to leveraging its various tools and technologies to further help states reach their goals. 

NGA WIN is dedicated to:

    • Expanding access to essential support services
    • Rapidly connecting jobseekers to work
    • Advancing digital access and skill development
    • Enhancing job quality for all workers

Credential Engine is excited to expand on its partnership with NGA and help states prepare for a post-COVID-19 economy.

If you want to learn more about Credential Engine and our policy partnerships, please contact

Learn more about NGA WIN.

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