“Credential Transparency Illuminates Pathways to a Better Future” explores the current problems with the ever-growing, vast, and complex credential landscape, and presents credential transparency as the best solution to help people understand their options, pursue credentials and skills, and enter the workforce. In doing so, the authors explain what credential transparency means in practice and how technologies like the Credential Transparency Description Langauge (CTDL) and the Credential Registry can enable progress.

The article also presents many practical insights that can help readers get started down the road toward credential transparency, as well as the benefits associated with it. Included in this discussion is an exploration of the many roles and responsibilities higher education leaders can take to advance credential transparency.

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With permission from Taylor & Francis Group, EDUCAUSE has re-published this article that originally appeared in Change: The Magazine of Higher Learning 53, no. 4 (July 30, 2021). 

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