Credential Engine invites you to join us for our Empowering Equitable Pathways with Learning and Employment Records webinar on Wednesday, July 13th at 1 pm ET.

Learning and employment records (LERs) are digital records that document an individual’s employment and learning achievements, including in the workplace, through education and training, community activities, and/or through military service. We can empower people with control over their own data by issuing digital, verifiable credentials that enable flexible curation of equitable learning and career pathways. Yet, it is important to implement digital credentials in ways that communicate valuable, relevant information to all stakeholders, and to do so in an equitable way. To this end, it’s important that LERs use CTDL linked open data to make the meaning and context of the credentials clear, transparent, and easy to understand.

This webinar will bring together some of the leading experts on LERs to discuss what’s possible, what’s equitable, and how to make LERs interoperable across data systems so that learners, workers, credential issuers, employers, and our economies and communities can all benefit.

Presenters: Meena Naik from Jobs for the Future, Brian Tinsley & Kelly Page from Digital Promise, and Deb Everhart from Credential Engine.

Interested in joining? Register today!

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