Jobspeaker and Credential Engine Build the First-of-Its-Kind Educational Pathway Solution

Jobspeaker, an AI skills-based workforce collaboration platform, announces a new partnership with Credential Engine. “There are more than 1 million ways for learners to earn credentials, but no easy way to understand how the individual credits or credentials fit into an educational pathway that demonstrates the skills needed for different careers,” said Jarlath O’Carroll, founder and CEO of Jobspeaker. “With this partnership, Credential Engine publishing institutions will be able to use Jobspeaker’s proprietary AI software to map all credentials to skills to jobs. It’s an amazing advancement for learners, employers, and credential providers,” continued Mr. O’Carroll. 

This partnership allows credential providers the ability to raise the visibility of their programs, provide standardized data about what they offer, and more easily show transfer credit and program value to students, workers, veterans, returning adults, employers, and other job seekers and employers looking to upskill their workforce. “We are excited to partner with Jobspeaker to make it easier for credential providers to publish information using CTDL to the Credential Registry. This will help job seekers find the right programs for them that align with the job market. We look forward to working with JobSpeaker to expand the level of detail and the number of credentials in the Credential Registry,” said Deb Everhart, Chief Strategy Officer of Credential Engine.

The need for transparency in credentials is enormous. There are nearly 60,000 credential providers in the U.S., and over $2+ trillion is spent annually on education and training. “The education landscape is diverse and can be complex to navigate. Educators struggle to map their curriculum to the skills employers seek. Jobspeaker’s AI technology allows any provider who publishes credentials using CTDL on the Credential Engine Registry to map to skills automatically,” said Yousif Sassi, Director of Product & Customer Success at Jobspeaker.

More than at any other time in recent history, learners are open to alternatives to college and a four-year degree. The rise of boot camps, specialized degrees, certificates, and other credentials gives students more options, but can also be more difficult to navigate. 

Jobspeaker and Credential Engine are committed to providing equitable access that allows learners to navigate the full range of learning and career opportunities. The two organizations believe that skills, competencies, and credentials lead to lasting careers, and meaningful work that can change lives and entire communities for the better. 

About Jobspeaker

Jobspeaker, founded in 2015, is an AI based technology company based in San Francisco, California, designed to build bridges between education, learners, employers, and the skills in high demand.  Jobspeaker is a comprehensive workforce platform that democratizes access to education and workforce data allowing the jobseeker/student to navigate into an education pathway, earn skills along that pathway and find opportunities that are right for them. For more information on Jobspeaker:

About Credential Engine

Credential Engine is a nonprofit whose mission is to map the credential landscape with clear and consistent information, fueling the creation of resources that empower people to find the pathways that are best for them. Credential Engine’s Credential Transparency Description Language (CTDL) is the clear standard for richly describing credentials, competency, quality, outcome, pathway, and other essential information as linked, open, interoperable data on the semantic web. Learn more about Credential Engine at:

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