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If you were unable to attend the Badge Publisher Launch Webinar, the recording is now available!

We are thrilled to announce that the Credential Registry badge publisher tool is now available for use. If your organization offers badges, we strongly encourage you to leverage this powerful tool and unlock the immense power of the CTDL. By doing so, you can add significant meaning and value to your badges, making them even more impactful for learners and employers alike. 

Credential Engine’s 2022 Counting Credentials report counts over 430,000 badge credentials offered in the United States. This number will continue to grow as more formal and informal learning is represented in digital credentials. Unfortunately, many of these badges are undervalued and do not unlock opportunities because people do not understand what they mean. Therefore it’s important for badge information to be published to the Credential Registry so that the meaning and value of each badge is clear.

The badge publisher tool empowers organizations issuing Open Badges to seamlessly import public information about their badges into the Credential Registry. With the Credential Registry Badge Publisher, you can effortlessly import essential details about your badges, including badge name, description, earning criteria, and more. The tool automatically maps these fields to the CTDL, enabling you to easily describe your badges.

By importing your badges to the Credential Registry, you contribute to an open and accessible ecosystem of credential information. Learners, employers, and other stakeholders can effortlessly discover your badges. The ability to establish connections between credentials and other resources is crucial for effective discovery. The Credential Registry Badge Publisher allows organizations to customize badge alignments, expressing precise relationships not only to competencies but also to occupations, other credentials, educational programs, and learning opportunities. This empowers learners to build comprehensive educational pathways.

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Below are the resources mentioned during the launch webinar:


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