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Laura Faulkner

Partnership Solutions Lead



Laura Faulkner is the Partnership Solutions Lead for Credential Engine, where she develops and supports the organization’s partnerships with credential providers, employers, government, workforce intermediaries, and community-based organizations to support the mission of promoting transparency in the credential marketplace. Laura also currently heads the Retail & Hospitality Initiative. Throughout her career, Laura has supported innovations that foster economic mobility and skills attainment for U.S. workers and learners.

Laura previously served as a Community Engagement Manager at Opportunity@Work, a social enterprise expanding access to career opportunities by promoting skills-based hiring. Laura supported the TechHire network of 70+ community partnerships facilitating access to tech jobs. Prior to that, Laura worked as Communications Manager and Program Associate at The Hitachi Foundation where she made the business case for investing in frontline workers, developed programs for social entrepreneurs, and promoted business practices that create shared prosperity for workers.

Before moving to Washington, DC, Laura performed state policy research in Massachusetts and Rhode Island as a Research Associate for the Mosakowski Institute for Public Enterprise, a Fiscal Policy Analyst for the Economic Progress Institute, and a Policy Analyst for the Rhode Island Public Expenditure Council.

Laura holds a BA in Political Science and an MPA from Clark University.