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Scarlett Jeckel

Accounts and Publishing Coordinator



Scarlett Jeckel is the Accounts and Publishing Coordinator for Credential Engine. In her role with Credential Engine, Scarlett assists with various projects within the organization. Having key roles in providing technical assistance to partners, aide to organizations publishing to the Credential Registry, coordination of meetings and webinars, and providing support to Credential Engine staff and consultants.

Prior to joining Credential Engine, Scarlett was with Southern Illinois University – Carbondale, Center for Workforce Development where Credential Engine began as a pilot project in 2015. In her role, Scarlett was a key contact working with the Pilot Site Partners and populating the Credential Registry. Along with the Technical Team, Scarlett worked one-on-one with partners, coordinated Nationwide webinars, provided technical assistance, and entered organizations and institutions credential data into the Registry.

Scarlett is originally from Kewanee, Illinois, and currently lives in–and telecommutes from–Springfield, Illinois.