Why We Believe in Credential Transparency

Creating a transparent credential marketplace using the technologies available through Credential Engine enables the education community to have:

Understanding Credentials

Clear understanding of their credentials, their components, and their connections to both each other and the workforce.

The Role of Credentials

Deeper understanding in the workforce and in education about the role of all types and levels of credentials.

Improved Access to Data

Improved access to data that will enable education providers to demonstrate value and quality to employers.

Trends and Best Practices

Increased ability to track trends and best practices.

Who We Are

The CTDL-VAT Advisory Group includes a variety of experts who proactively share experiences with vendor selection processes, develop and comment on drafts of resources, and assist as needed with promoting pilot participation and ongoing use of the CTDL-VAT.

Click here to review the CTDL-VAT Advisory Group  Charter.

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