Advisory Groups

Occupational Licensing

Credential Engine’s partners are eager to use occupational licensing data in pathways, tools and other use cases but need more comprehensive data to do so. 

The purpose of the Occupational Licensing Advisory Group is to understand where and how occupational licensing data is stored and used, and to build better and more streamlined approaches for publishing license information as linked, open, interoperable data to the Registry, helping fuel the creation of resources that empower people to find the pathways that are best for them.

Why We Believe In Credential Transparency

Creating a transparent credential marketplace using the technologies available through Credential Engine enables the occupational licensure community to have:

  • Clear understandings of their credentials, their components, and their connections to both each other and the workforce
  • Deeper understanding in the workforce and in education about the role of licensure
  • Improved access to data that will enable licensing agencies to demonstrate value and quality to employers
  • Increased ability to track trends and best practices

Who We Are

The Occupational Licensing Advisory Group includes a wide variety of experts who seek best practices and new use cases for maximizing the utility of a transparent credential marketplace.

Join Us

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