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Linked Data Fact Sheet

Structured data is machine-readable and used by search engines to understand the content of web pages. Linked Data is a type of structured data that links between systems via the Web. When data is both structured and linked, it becomes a powerful tool that search engines and other systems can leverage.

Fact Sheets

Credential Transparency Description Language Fact Sheet

The Credential Transparency Description Language (CTDL) is a scheme (a type of-mini language that people and systems can use to understand each other even if their data comes from different sources) that anyone can use to share information about credentialing data. The CTDL not only provides a common and unified way of describing information in the Credential Registry, it is also an open language that can be used on the web. This powerful feature makes it dramatically easier for students, businesses, researchers, and automated systems to discover, understand, and compare information about credentials from a variety of sources.

Additional Resources

State Roadmap & Action Guide

Your State or Region’s credential transparency journey starts here.


Our toolkits contain useful resources for States and organizations looking to implement credential transparency. Our State Toolkit is specifically designed to be used with our Roadmap & Action Guide.

Partner Map

Meet the partners that are bringing credential transparency to their states and regions.

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