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Getting Started on the Credential Registry

These instructions will help you navigate through the two-part process of account creation and adding an organization so you can publish data to the Credential Registry. Once you have confirmed your account and submitted your organization, you will need approval from the Credential Engine team before being able to publish. Once approved, you will receive an email with next steps specific to the method of publishing you choose. If you have any questions or need assistance, please contact

Fact Sheets

High Value Credentials for New England

New England faces a fast-changing economy, economic inequalities, and unparalleled demographic challenges. Access to and completion of an affordable postsecondary credential of value is the key to our region’s ability to adapt to changing workforce needs, attract and retain workers, and provide pathways to growth-oriented, high-wage jobs.

Fact Sheets

State Technical Assistance Fact Sheet

Just as states are forced to address shifting labor market demands, they are under increased obligation to identify, fund, and deliver high quality credentials. Yet the tools and approaches typically used to make these determinations are insufficient to meet the need at any one time, let alone keep current. More than ever, credential transparency and an ability to make informed decisions about the value of credentials through comparative analysis is essential. Credential Engine can support states in designing and implementing practices and policies that improve information about—and access to—transparent and open credential and competency information.

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State Roadmap & Action Guide

Your State or Region’s credential transparency journey starts here.


Our toolkits contain useful resources for States and organizations looking to implement credential transparency. Our State Toolkit is specifically designed to be used with our Roadmap & Action Guide.

Partner Map

Meet the partners that are bringing credential transparency to their states and regions.

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