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Fact Sheets

Developer Agreement

Organizations that utilize our APIs are allowed a 6-month testing period, after which a developer agreement is required. Download this resource to preview the agreement.

Fact Sheets

Credential Engine Learning & Employment Records Action Guide

This Action Guide describes the phases and steps that stakeholders can take to develop and sustain trusted LER ecosystems. It is based on Credential Engine’s widely and successfully used State Roadmap and Action Guide for Transparency

Fact Sheets

Credential Engine Services for Strategy, Project Management, and Implementation Support Fact Sheet

Credential Engine offers a suite of unique technologies and services to help many different types of organizations, agencies, and companies achieve their goals for credential and competency transparency. In addition to our open, freely available resources, we offer fee-based services for strategy, project management, and implementation support focused on using CTDL data effectively.

Other Resources

EdTech Advisory Group Charter

In 2022-23, the former Credential Engine “Higher Education Advisory Group” will expand its scope to cover all education providers, with a specific focus on educational technology products supporting credential transparency. The group will be renamed the “EdTech Advisory Group” (EAG). This focus is intended to address gaps in the current market guidance for edtech tools regarding the management of credential offering information across the lifecycle of a credential. The EAG can help fill this gap through its outputs, which are expected to help product companies prioritize Credential Registry publishing, drive Credential Engine business partnership growth, and increase product companies’ support and advocacy for publishing to the Registry.

Additional Resources

State Roadmap & Action Guide

Your State or Region’s credential transparency journey starts here.


Our toolkits contain useful resources for States and organizations looking to implement credential transparency. Our State Toolkit is specifically designed to be used with our Roadmap & Action Guide.

Partner Map

Meet the partners that are bringing credential transparency to their states and regions.

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