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Fact Sheets

Higher Education Fact Sheet

To aid higher education institutions understand the credential marketplace, we have developed a suite of web-based services that when used together provide clear credential information that is centrally stored and easily accessed.

Fact Sheets

Employer Fact Sheet

To aid employers in understanding the credential marketplace, Credential Engine developed a suite of web-based services that, when used together, provide clear credential information that is centrally stored and easily accessed.

Fact Sheets

General Fact Sheet

Through web-based services, Credential Engine provides tools and services to find, understand, and compare information about credentials in a user-friendly format in order to help people get the reliable credentialing information they need in order to decide for themselves what credentials or credentialing pathways work best for their needs.

Fact Sheets

Quality Assurance Bodies Fact Sheet

As new credentials come into the marketplace quality assurance bodies face the challenge of trying to track and evaluate each new credential to keep the public informed.

Fact Sheets

Certification and Licensure Organizations Fact Sheet

One of the primary challenges that certification and state licensure organizations face is finding successful marketing strategies to not only effectively demonstrate the quality and market value of their program but also to keep their program highly visible to their stakeholders, potential applicants and the public.


New Report: Badge Count (2020)

IMS Global and Credential Engine have released a report detailing findings on the remarkable growth in the use of Open Badges—the world's leading format for digital badges.


L.A. Credential Data Project

UNITE-LA and Credential Engine began a partnership in 2018 to bring greater transparency to the credential marketplace in the L.A. region by harnessing technology to make information about credentials publicly available.

Additional Resources

State Roadmap & Action Guide

Your State or Region’s credential transparency journey starts here.


Our toolkits contain useful resources for States and organizations looking to implement credential transparency. Our State Toolkit is specifically designed to be used with our Roadmap & Action Guide.

Partner Map

Meet the partners that are bringing credential transparency to their states and regions.

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