Credential Engine Supports Developers: Together for Good

Credential Engine supports developers by providing resources and services. We help you use data effectively across all types of credentials and competencies, connecting you with the growing linked open data networks for career exploration and pathways, transfer options, competencies and skills, assessments, digital learning records, outcomes reporting, quality assurance, and more.

Whether you are just beginning to design your product strategy or already at scale in production environments, Credential Engine’s detailed documentation, project support, and flexible services can help you get started using the Credential Transparency Description Language (CTDL) and the Credential Registry quickly. Together we can help you differentiate your product based on the unique value you provide with CTDL.

What is the Value of a Credential Engine Partnership?

Developers are partnering with Credential Engine in many different ways to make it easy for everyone to benefit from modern linked open data networks. Across many use cases, a common schema and connected data on the web are creating value for everyone. For example:

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Career exploration and navigation. More and more innovative credentials are being described and connected with career options using the Credential Registry, which is a reliable source for structured, authoritative, and detailed data on all types of credentials. For more information on consuming data from the Credential Registry, read our guidance and resources on our technical site.

Credential data management. With over 700 defined terms and connections to other linked open data networks, the Credential Transparency Description Language (CTDL) schema can fully describe everything that makes a credential unique in the broad marketplace. Organize and connect data from different sources using this open schema to overcome the barriers of siloed data and systems.  For more information on how products can publish to the Credential Registry, read our third-party publishing policy. To view data already in the Registry, see the Credential Finder.

Digital credentials to communicate individuals’ achievements. Digital credentials are only as valuable as the meaningful data they contain. Credential issuing products can use an alignment field to connect to a world of linked open data that adds meaning and context to an individual’s achievements. Learn more about how your digital credentials can use CTDL data.

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No matter how your product or service uses CTDL and the Credential Registry, partnering with Credential Engine will help you contribute to the social good of linked open data while also increasing your visibility with potential clients. Explore our resources and contact us directly to learn more.

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