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Why is Credential Transparency Valuable?

Whether you are building an app to aid with college search, or building the next generation of AI to create customized career pathways, credential data is at the core of your application. This is why credential transparency is critically important to developers—it provides a single, open map of the credential marketplace that anyone can use to build their application. Moreover, incorporating the Credential Transparency Description Language (CTDL) into your products positions your team to deliver unique features, improve workflow integrations, and grow your business in new ways to help solve the challenges we face today and better prepare for the ones of tomorrow.

Through Credential Engine, technologies are available to:


credential data in a common language across all types of credentials from all types of providers


credential data across systems and to other credentials


credential data in real-time


credential data in new ways to meet educational and economic needs

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A transparent credential marketplace helps developers

Integrate comprehensive credential data into their existing tools and resources

Utilize credential data in new ways to solve real-world problems

Answer key questions facing education and workforce by giving everyone access to clear credential information

Explore and discover emerging credentialing trends

How Can I be a Part of the Transparent Credential Marketplace?

Applications in Action

Google Pathways

Google Pathways allows users to search for in-demand jobs in their communities and receive additional results that link to local preparatory programs and further credential data provided by the Registry. Google Pathways is piloting in a number of Credential Engine partner states including Indiana and Washington.

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Developed by NOCTI, ValuedCreds is a tool to help any individual utilize the Credential Registry to find a High Value industry Credential, as defined by NOCTI. In addition to Registry data, the tool pulls credentials that meet ISO 17024 standards.

This tool is also available in the Apple Store and Google Play by searching ‘valuecreds.’

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Career Coach IN

Developed by EMSI, this pilot tool helps Hoosiers discover majors, in-demand careers, and education based on interests. Powered by the Credential Registry, this tool is created in partnership with the Indiana Commission for Higher Education.

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 Leveraging the Credential Registry, the Indiana Commission for Higher Education has built a widget tool that pulls credential and competency information about Indiana’s certificate and degree programs.

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RHCI Widget

Created as part of the Retail and Hospitality Credentials Initiative (RHCI) this tool allows the public to search, differentiate, and understand the range of retail, restaurant, and hospitality credentials published to the Credential Registry and also includes a number of work readiness credentials and assessments relevant to frontline employees.

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Tech Beat: Credential Engine Achieves IMS Certification

In an exciting leap forward for Credential Engine, the Credential Engine Publisher tool has been certified as an IMS Competencies and Academic Standards Exchange (CASE) consumer.

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