New reports find nearly one million credentials and $2t in yearly education and training expenditures in U.S.

Today, Credential Engine released two reports that offer unprecedented understanding of the credential landscape. The first report, Counting U.S. Postsecondary and Secondary Credentials, offers the most accurate and robust estimate of credentials across 16 categories—including both traditional degrees, certificates, certifications, licenses and apprenticeships as well as non-traditional offerings such as badges. The report estimates that

New Report: Badge Count 2020

IMS Global and Credential Engine have released a new report detailing findings on the remarkable growth in the use of Open Badges—the world’s leading format for digital badges. Digital badges are visual indicators of skills and achievements. Open Badges is the world’s leading format for digital badges, adopted by dozens of technology platforms worldwide. Open

Making Sense of Credentials: A State Roadmap and Action Guide for Transparency

We need to ensure that policy creates systems for credentials to be easily accessible, understood, comparable, connected to other critical education and workforce data, and communicated so that they serve everyone. This document is a roadmap and an action guide for state policymakers to help take the inefficiencies out of the labor marketplace and provide

Counting U.S. Secondary and Postsecondary Credentials – April 2018 Report

Credential Engine has just released a first-of-its-kind report detailing a confirmed inventory of the number of credentials in the United States. We know that students and workers in the United States have access to a vast number of credentials to obtain, enhance and signal their knowledge, skills, and abilities. There are many types of credentials—from