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Why Is Credential Transparency Valuable

Credential transparency is critical to policymakers because they are tasked with making important decisions about state, local, and federal education and workforce programs based on incomplete and confusing data.

While there are hundreds of thousands of credentialing options, too often too little is known about the content and quality of programs—creating challenges for the policymakers responsible for managing reporting requirements, making funding decisions, and understanding the linkages between education and workforce outcomes. A comprehensive and transparent credential marketplace empowers these decisionmakers with the data they need in order to support short- and long-term education and workforce solutions.

Through Credential Engine, Technologies Are Now Available To:


credential data in a common language across all types of credentials from all types of providers


credential data across systems and to other credentials


credential data in real-time


credential data in new ways to meet educational and economic needs

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A transparent credential marketplace helps policymakers:

Communicate clear use cases of benefit to students, workers, employers, educators, and key policy goals

Identify what credential data is necessary to be made open and accessible to make informed decisions

Align data and initiatives across agencies and throughout the entire education and workforce spectrum

Ensure that the full inventory of credentials is described and made available via a common, open language

Link and align credential data with other essential data (wages, employment, jobs, etc.)

Support applications that use credential data to serve various audiences

Support and maintain an infrastructure that ensures all data is current, accurate, and open


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