Healthcare Credential Transparency for COVID-19 Recovery

The COVID-19 crisis has laid bare the need for better, open data about credentials, the competencies and skills they convey, their quality and regulatory approvals, and how they successfully connect workers and students with employers and jobs. Yet our state, federal, and healthcare systems lack unified information describing different types of healthcare credentials and the skills they represent. Therefore we are appealing to everyone who offers, manages, reviews, or approves healthcare related credentials and competencies to make your information publicly available as linked open data. 

Credential Engine is uniquely positioned to support this effort because we offer no-cost online tools for publishing on the web information about all different types of credentials and competencies. Agencies, organizations, and institutions can publish their information to the Credential Registry, which includes credentials, competencies, quality assurance, occupational alignments, and rich sets of related data.

As part of our response to the many challenges posed by COVID-19, Credential Engine is gathering healthcare credential and competency information from as many sources as possible. Please help by publishing your information to the Credential Registry, as well as by influencing others. Doing so will ensure that information provided by numerous state agencies, professional organizations, accreditation and regulatory agencies, and credentialing institutions is aggregated, clear, comprehensive, and connected. Our ambition is to collect tens of thousands of data points that can be used by many different stakeholders navigating the large and complex world of healthcare credentials, including:

  • Workers who are seeking healthcare credentials, or upskilling/re-skilling
  • Employers challenged with identifying workers who have specific healthcare skill sets
  • Education and training providers who are adapting existing or creating new healthcare credentials, including particularly short-term, modular, and stackable programs 
  • Agencies that are working to more effectively connect healthcare credentials with healthcare licenses and certifications
  • Quality assurance and regulatory organizations that are reviewing healthcare credentials as well as education and training programs and courses
  • and many others…. a student beginning to plan for their future career; a displaced worker seeking new opportunities; a healthcare facility seeking essential workers; a business owner adjusting to new public safety requirements; a policy expert trying to understand the broad learn-and-work healthcare ecosystem….

The National Science Foundation has recognized Credential Engine’s work in making credential and competency information publicly available by awarding us a RAPID grant for this focused effort. The grant funds work with state agencies in New York as well as several other organizations. The grant also promotes the development of web applications that use these data to help individuals enter into or advance in the healthcare industry. 

Call to Action 

You can contribute to the large and growing body of credential and competency information that helps everyone make sense of the learn-and-work healthcare ecosystem. 

  • Credentialing organizations – Use the no-cost tools available to publish your healthcare credentials and competencies to the Credential Registry. Get started.
  • Quality assurance and regulatory organizations – Use the no-cost tools available to publish information about the quality assurance you provide and the credentials you recognize. Get started.
  • Healthcare networks – Help spread this call to action among your constituents and partners.

Together we can build more effective, connected ways of communicating the increasingly valuable healthcare credentials and competencies needed now and in the future. If you have questions, contact us