Our Strategic Partners

Through these partnerships, Credential Engine aims to advance the understanding and use of credentials and skills as tools for workforce development, economic growth, and social mobility.

These types of partners include:


Our work would not be possible without the support of our funders who understand the value and necessity of transparent credential and skill data.

Association and Nonprofit Partners

We work with a wide array of organizations who broadly support our mission and credential transparency to offer policy and practical guidance to stakeholders. This includes using CTDL to develop and maintain professional standards for credentials in various industries.

Professional Associations and Organizations

Credential Engine works with professional associations and organizations to develop and maintain standards for credentials in various industries, such as healthcare, manufacturing, and finance.

Government Agencies

We work with various agencies on national, regional, state, and federal initiatives to advocate for and advance credential transparency to meet attainment, workforce, economic, pathways, and data alignment goals.


Credential Engine partners with employers to help them understand the value of credentials and skills and how data transparency is important for hiring and advancement. 

Education and Training Providers

Credential Engine partners with education and training providers to help them understand the value of credentials and how they can provide valuable information about the quality and outcomes of their programs and credentials.

Product and Service Providers

Credential Engine works with product and service providers to develop and implement solutions for storing, managing, sharing, and applying credential and skill information. Our Business Partners offer verified products and services and have repeatable models to continuously advance credential transparency through effective use of the Credential Transparency Description Language (CTDL) and Credential Registry data.

Research Organizations

Credential Engine partners with research organizations to conduct research on the credential landscape and understand the impact of credentials on various sectors of the economy.

Get in Touch

Our team of experts is ready to help you embark your credential transparency journey. Whether you have questions about our technologies, services, or don’t know how to get started, we’re here to assist.

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