Credential Engine Conference

Indiana App-athon: Credential Data Learn and Build (LaB)

May 14, 2019

Credential Engine, the Indiana Commission for Higher Education, and event partner Learning Tapestry are co-hosting the Indiana App-athon: Credential Data LaB, an event that will bring together technologists, developers, educators, state agency personnel, and others to demonstrate what innovations are possible with open, transparent credential data in Indiana and beyond. Building off Credential Engine’s first Learn and Build Summit, this event will reveal a range of applications and data services that will change how students, workers, employers, youth, veterans, and many others engage with credential data. Indiana higher education institutions have published 3,000+ credentials to the Credential Registry – and these data are available for application developers to use in various tools that help users make sense of the credential marketplace.

Supported by JP Morgan Chase & Co., this event is the second in a series of events across the country that will advance Credential Engine’s open application marketplace and grow the community of developers working with Registry data to build applications and tools. The LaB will engage participants along two tracks: developing applications and publishing data.

Track 1 will support the exploration, prototyping, and building of applications that enable students or other stakeholders to seamlessly navigate Indiana or national data available in the Registry.

Track 2 will accelerate the publishing of rich, transparent credential data to the Credential Registry by helping credential providers identify and understand publishing options.

Event Goals:

Leading up to this event, hosts will work with attendees to shape goals and meet participant needs. Event goals include:

  • Establish a shared vision of what innovations in Indiana and elsewhere are possible with Credential Registry data and other key data sources (e.g. labor market information).
  • Prototype and demonstrate applications that serve a variety of users, including distance learners, students, youth, small businesses, and veterans.
  • Brainstorm ideas for new applications and examine existing application concepts and prototypes using data in the Registry.
  • Collaborate with vendors, credentialing bodies, and other strategic partners to accelerate the publishing of credential data to the Registry.
  • Identify next steps for supporting and growing the community of practitioners building applications with data from Indiana, other states, and national sources.

Where: VisionLoft, 235 N Delaware Street, Indianapolis, IN

When: Tuesday, May 14 (8:30 am – 4:30 pm, with evening reception) and Wednesday, May 15 (9 am-1 pm)

Audience: Application developers, higher education institutions and training providers, vendors, state agencies, and those interested in better understanding the use and value of the Credential Registry.

Registration: All attendees must register in advance. There is no fee for attending and meals will be provided during the two days. Participants will have an opportunity to apply for a travel scholarship to support travel to the LaB.