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Clearly Define Different Types of Certificates with CTDL Webinar

The Credential Transparency Description Language (CTDL) has recently been updated to encompass the broad diversity of certificates available for people to earn. CTDL now defines 22 types of certificates, with numerous terms available to give them meaning, differentiate among different types of certificates, and make their value transparent. With such a diverse range of certificates,...

Credential Registry Guidance Site Webinar

We are pleased to announce our newest resource, the Credential Registry Guidance site! The Credential Registry Guidance site is the go-to source for knowledge, guidance, support, and instructions for the Credential Registry Publishing System tools, including the Credential Transparency Description Language (CTDL), Credential Finder, and more. During this webinar, Credential Engine staff will take a...

CTDL Rubrics Webinar: Assessing Skills with CTDL Rubrics

Rubrics enable clear assessment of skill levels. For assessing learning outcomes and evaluating job performance, rubrics provide transparent information about what a person knows and can do. The CTDL data model for rubrics makes this valuable assessment information human- and machine-readable and provides an open standard for connecting learning, skills, and jobs. CTDL rubrics are...

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