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CTDL Rubrics Webinar: Assessing Skills with CTDL Rubrics

Rubrics enable clear assessment of skill levels. For assessing learning outcomes and evaluating job performance, rubrics provide transparent information about what a person knows and can do. The CTDL data model for rubrics makes this valuable assessment information human- and machine-readable and provides an open standard for connecting learning, skills, and jobs. CTDL rubrics are...

Work Classes Implementation Webinar

Credential Engine now supports publishing Job, Occupation, Work Role, and Task information as CTDL Linked Open Data. We are thrilled to invite you to an interactive webinar on October 25th, 2023, at 11 am ET, delving into the practical aspects of how to publish and use this data.  Why CTDL Matters: The Credential Transparency Description...

Opportunity To Provide Your Input: CTDL Rubrics Terms Proposal Option 2

Credential Engine is extending an invitation to you to join the CTDL Rubric Terms Proposal Webinar! In collaboration with the CTDL team, the CTDL Rubrics Task Group (RTG) has crafted a proposal introducing CTDL rubric terms. Rubrics hold the key to unlocking a deeper comprehension of competencies within the context of credentials and job roles....

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