Credential Transparency Toolkit

There are many ways to get involved with credential transparency. Regardless of which stage of the process you find yourself in, Credential Engine has various resources you can use to learn about, plan for, and work to create a transparent credential marketplace. The resources in this Toolkit are designed to help inform and guide your work.


To navigate the Toolkit, you can either scroll down, search for specific resources, or use the “Jump To” drop-down menu to navigate between sections (Understand the Value, Make the Case, Publish and Consume Data, and Build Enduring Commitment). Resources can also be filtered by audience types—implementers or decision makers—to quickly find resources more applicable to your scope of work. We will continue to add tools, guidance, and other materials that can help you achieve credential transparency.

Understand the Value

Fact Sheets

Learn about how Credential Engine is bringing transparency and credential literacy to the marketplace for different audiences including higher education, the business community, and certification & licensure.

State Policy Briefs

A series of policy briefs offers guidance to state leaders--supported by real state examples--on how to advance credential transparency.

The Connected Learn-and-Work Ecosystem

Almost 1,000,000 credentials exist in the United States. It’s difficult to find relevant information about many of them, but The Learn-and-Work Ecosystem Guide, developed by the Lumina Foundation, highlights the many intersecting initiatives aimed at shedding light on the confusing marketplace and shows where Credential Engine and its technologies fit.

Velocity Network

HR and education technology powerhouses showcase verifiable career credentials via Velocity Network collaboration.

Slide Deck

This PowerPoint presentation describes who Credential Engine is, what we do, and how transparency leads to transformation. Partners can adapt and customize this slide deck based on their needs.

News and Media

This selection of press clips and other media are notable examples of how Credential Engine's work is being highlighted and gaining traction.

Frequently Asked Questions

A selection of our most frequently asked questions and answers about Credential Engine's goals and technologies.

Make the Case

Creating an impact with Credential Quality and Transparency

This resource guides states on how to improve credential quality and transparency by using the quality non-degree credential framework (outlined by National Skills Coalition) and the linked open data network, common description language, and publishing platform created by Credential Engine.

Services from Credential Engine

Credential Engine offers a wide range of freely available resources as well as fee-based services that meet the needs of organizations managing credential and competency data.

Roles & Responsibilities

Credential Transparency requires a collaborative effort; this guide provides context for who should be involved in the work within states and what their roles might be.

A Guide to Use Cases

Use cases describe how students, employers, educators, policy makers, and other stakeholders can use the data in the Registry to address specific questions or challenges.

Use Case Guides

The Credential Registry and CTDL can be the backbone of numerous initiatives, projects, and other uses. These resources can help you develop and communicate use cases that are important to your audiences.

Additional Fact Sheets

These additional fact sheets explain linked data and the Credential Transparency Description Language (CTDL).

Publish and Consume Data

Completing Updates to the Currency Policy and Reports

Credential Engine created a new automated process for quality and currency controls that now generates detailed reports for Duplicate Resources, Broken Webpage Links, Resource Currency, and Incomplete Publishing, from the new Credential Registry Services page.

Credential Engine Services

Credential Engine offers a wide range of freely available resources as well as fee-based services that meet the needs of organizations managing credential and competency data.

Publishing Guides

Useful resources to get started with publishing and useful questions for developers building a connected learn-and-work ecosystem.

Best Practice for Publishing

In order to ensure users have a basic level of data points by which to compare credentials, Credential Engine developed a policy to require a minimum set of data for those adding their data into the registry.

Vendor RFP Language

This sample RFP statement has been developed in consultation with Credential Engine’s Higher Education Advisory Group to help communicate institutional expectations for credential data transparency.

Bulk Upload Publishing Resources

A collection of publishing resources that provide instructions on how to publish credential data via the Bulk Upload publishing method.

Guidance for Publishing Certifications

This document provides publishers additional guidance on how to distinguish between certifications and certificates, and how to best represent certifications on the Registry.

Trusted Third Party Publishing Policy

Many state and regional partners have existing credential data collection processes; Credential Engine's trusted third party publishing policies are designed to streamline workflows for efficient publishing while ensuring buy-in and participation from credential providers.


Use these resources to develop tools and applications that pull data from the Registry.

Build Enduring Commitment