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Midwest Credential Transparency Alliance (MCTA) Kick-Off Meeting

Register today for the MCTA kickoff! With over 100,000 credentials being offered in the Midwest and no consistent way to compare them, it is important to bring clarity and accessibility to information about the full range of credentials leading to careers. The objective for this meeting is to bring together key stakeholders from across the

Webinar: Evolving our Credentialing Ecosystems for the Future of Work

The Coronavirus pandemic is accelerating the need for colleges and universities to adapt their academic outputs to meet the immediate needs of the labor market. Offering shorter term credentials other than degrees is one approach schools are taking to quickly address skills gaps in local and regional economies. With an explosion in credential diversification, though,

ICoBC Fireside Chat

As part of the official roll-out ceremony for the International Council on Badges & Credentials (ICoBC), Deb Everhart, Chief Strategy Officer for Credential Engine, will be joining a fireside chat hosted by Jake Hirsch-Allen, Vice-President of the ICoBC, to discuss the big “why” in regards to the ICoBC. Register today!

Higher Education Associations Supporting Credential Transparency

Many associations and institutions are supporting credential transparency by using open-source metadata standards. The Credential Transparency Description Language (CTDL) communicates clear, comparable, persistent information about credentials, including competencies, pathways, quality assurance, transfer credit, and career opportunities. Outcomes: Understand the complexity of credentialing ecosystems and why credential transparency is important * Understand the value of using CTDL

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