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Pilot-Site Partner Guidance Roadmap: Analytical and Technical Approach

This webinar was held for all pilot-site partners and other interested community members, including Technical Advisory Committee members. The webinar will lay out how the technical team will proceed with designing and developing guidance roadmaps for all pilot-site partners to implement CTDL and populate the Credential Engine Registry. One of the outcomes of the webinar

AACC Meeting: Workforce Development Institute

The AACC WDI Inspiring Innovation Meeting featured Holly Zanville, Lumina Foundation, on a panel to speak about the Credential Registry on January 27, 2017 in Newport Beach, CA.

Credential Engine TAC Monthly Webinar Meeting

Many efforts are going on across organized groups to tackle challenges that are currently barriers to realizing open, interoperable data models and schemas for credentials and competencies. The Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) promotes collaboration and harmonization of standardization initiatives, including identification of opportunities to formalize and document open models, vocabularies, and schemas. The Credential Engine

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