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AEFIS Academy Webinar: The Role We Play in Building a Robust Skills Economy for Learners and Employers

This webinar is an AEFIS Academy community event as part of their Partners Series. In this presentation, Mark Leuba, Vice President for Product Management at IMS Global Learning Consortium, Dr. Jeff Grann, Credential Solutions Lead at Credential Engine, and Suzanne Carbonaro, Director of Academic PartnershAips at AEFIS, will discuss  best practices and winning assessment strategies.

2021 OSN Skills Summit

Skill development, credentialing, and skills-based hiring are more important than ever. Thought leaders, researchers, educators, and more will come together for intensive discussion and thought-provoking dialogue on Opening Up the Learning-Earning Ecosystem, and what that means for your leadership, community, and students. Participants will hear from leaders and drivers of change and be able to engage

Webinar: Updating Already Published Organization and Credential Data

Join Credential Engine July 21 as we continue our new webinar series! In “Updating Already Published Organization and Credential Data“, Scarlett Jeckel, Credential Engine’s Accounts and Publishing Coordinator, will provide a helpful overview of how to update organization and credential data once it has been published to the Credential Registry. This webinar will focus on

Midwest Credential Transparency Alliance (MCTA) Pathways Action Team Meeting

The Midwest Credential Transparency Alliance (MCTA) is launching the Pathways Action Team to provide a forum for MCTA members to collaborate on a project or initiative to improve the transparency of credential pathways. As this action team kicks off, defining a regional vision for pathways will be the first step. Please complete this quick sign-up

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