Publish to the Credential Registry

To learn more about the publishing options and the CTDL schema, visit our technical website.

For more information about Credential Engine and the Credential Engine Registry, please visit For questions related to publishing, contact

Steps to Publish to the Registry

  1. Sign in with existing account OR create new account (note: the Credential Engine team will have to approve your account before you can publish)
  2. Familiarize yourself with CTDL
  3. Gather your data
  4. Publish and review data
  5. Submit for approval
  6. Credential Engine team will review and push to the public registry

Credential Transparency Description Language

The Credential Transparency Description Language and its competency-oriented counterpart, the CTDL-ASN, are the language of the Credential Registry. The registry publisher allows you to translate your information to the CTDL, which enables deep descriptions of credentials, their requirements, and their connections to other credentials, and competencies.

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