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Fact Sheets

Certification and Licensure Organizations Fact Sheet

One of the primary challenges that certification and state licensure organizations face is finding successful marketing strategies to not only effectively demonstrate the quality and market value of their program but also to keep their program highly visible to their stakeholders, potential applicants and the public.

Fact Sheets

Open, Freely Available Technology Fact Sheet

We want to empower everyone to contribute to open, transparent credentialing ecosystems. In support of our mission, we publish free resources and technologies, such as CTDL, publishing tools, an open-source Credential Registry. Our support includes guides and documentation, communities of practice, and basic technical assistance for publishing and consuming CTDL data. We encourage everyone to use and build upon our openly licensed resources and technologies.

Fact Sheets

Credential Engine Technical Services Fact Sheet

The Credential Transparency Description Language (CTDL) family of specifications, our account management system, publishing tools, and Credential Registry are and will always be available at no cost. To enable a broader community of practitioners and providers to leverage these, we offer related fee-based technical design and development services.

Fact Sheets

Sample Executive Order

This is a sample template that can be used to enact policy solutions that support credential transparency.

Fact Sheets

Principles for Credential Transparency Policy Development Fact Sheet

Building a comprehensive and connected data infrastructure of credential data is critical to ensuring everyone is empowered with the resources they need to make informed decisions about education and training opportunities. Leaders at all levels, from institutions and agencies, to local, state, and federal government can support the development of this infrastructure by enacting policies rooted in credential transparency.

Fact Sheets

Credential Engine Publisher Guide – Entering Recommended Data

We encourage users to add any additional information relevant to their organization and credential(s). Like Credential Engine’s minimum required data and required if available data sets, we also recommend a set of data that is important for users of the data. These instructions are for publishing the Recommended data set.

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