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Counting U.S. Secondary and Postsecondary Credentials Report (2022)

Learners, educators, and policymakers recognize that high school completion and education beyond high school are critical for individuals to thrive in a complex global economy. This fourth Counting Credentials report attempts to count the total credentials available, following a thorough and rigorous method for each credential type. The report identifies 1,076,358 unique credentials in the U.S.


Education and Training Expenditures in the U.S. Report (2022)

Learners, educators, employers, and policymakers understand that expenditures on education and training are necessary to develop the skills and talent required by today’s and tomorrow’s workforce. However, we do not have a robust understanding of how much we spend nationwide on acquiring these necessary skills and credentials.


New Report: Badge Count (2020)

IMS Global and Credential Engine have released a report detailing findings on the remarkable growth in the use of Open Badges—the world's leading format for digital badges.


L.A. Credential Data Project

UNITE-LA and Credential Engine began a partnership in 2018 to bring greater transparency to the credential marketplace in the L.A. region by harnessing technology to make information about credentials publicly available.

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