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Credential Engine Featured on Reality Check Podcast

This week, Executive Director Scott Cheney, joined Center for Education Reform’s Jeanne Allen for a podcast to talk about the burgeoning marketplace of credentialing, and how policymakers, entrepreneurs and educators can work together to further streamline the pathways between high school, higher education, and the workforce. To stream the full episode, click here.  

From The EvoLLLution – An Updated Map to Help Us Navigate the Learn-And-Work Highway

The learn-and-work marketplace is growing more complex and chaotic. If it were a highway, we’d describe it like this: there is a lot of traffic, innovation cars are moving at different speeds, there are few traffic lights and no traffic controllers. Furthermore, many funders (both government and foundations) are supporting different cars, with cars competing […]


Tech Beat: Credential Engine Achieves IMS Certification

Central to the mission of credential transparency is the ability to share data in a common open language that helps shed light on the confusing and opaque credential landscape. In an exciting leap forward for Credential Engine, the Credential Engine Publisher tool has been certified as an IMS Competencies and Academic Standards Exchange (CASE) consumer. […]

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