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Credential Engine Career Listing: Executive Director

Credential Engine is currently searching for its next Executive Director. Please take a look at our job posting below or click here to learn more. Download this job description For inquiries, contact Adrienne O’Rourke at


Stakeholders and Key Initiatives for a Connected Learn-and-Work Ecosystem – A Guide

The ever-shifting work and learn landscape has made selecting an education and training program a more high-stakes choice for students and workers than ever before. With hundreds of thousands of credentials available in the U.S. alone, and little easily-accessible data available about the majority of them, the credential marketplace is confusing and chaotic. While many […]

Increasing Credential Transparency In Postsecondary Education – Nov 20, 2019

Recent years have seen explosive growth in the number and types of postsecondary credentials that document learning. Increased understanding of credentials, and the learning they each represent, is of critical importance for colleges and universities in their efforts to support student success and enhance institutional performance. For that reason, national higher education associations, led by […]

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