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Why We're Committed

“Marketplaces don’t work unless they’re based on good, sound, accessible information. That is what the Credential Registry does, and that is what the Credential Engine initiative is all about.” -Ken Sauer, Senior Associate Commissioner and Chief Academic Officer, Indiana Commission for Higher Education

Collaborating Agencies

  • Indiana Commission for Higher Education (Lead)
  • Indiana Department of Workforce Development
  • Indiana Professional Licensing Agency
  • Indiana Department of Education
  • Governor's Workforce Cabinet

Indiana is the oldest state partner for Credential Engine. The lead agency for the partnership is the Commission for Higher Education (CHE), a coordinating agency that works closely with Indiana’s public and independent colleges. Initially, the focus of the statewide initiative was on publishing healthcare credentials and military credit, but the scope quickly and has greatly expanded. State leaders recognized that advancing credential transparency statewide would break down data silos and give Hoosiers more access to reliable information about all credentials. Since the partnership with Credential Engine began in 2017, the Commission for Higher Education has worked with credential providers across the state to publish over 3,000 credentials to the Credential Registry, including all offered by the public two- and four-year institutions, as well as some private colleges.

Pioneers in Advancing Credential Transparency

Leaders in Indiana have emphasized the importance of collaboration across state agencies and institutions, and they recognize that credential transparency cannot be advanced otherwise. CHE formed an advisory group of college and university partners that meets monthly to share updates and discuss strategies for continued advancement of the work. Additionally, CHE and agency partners have plans to continue expansion of the work, including publishing information about:

  • Credentials approved to be on their Eligible Training Provider List
  • Licenses and licensure pass rates
  • Competencies for all postsecondary certificates and degrees
  • Credentials offered at private and independent institutions
  • Secondary school information and credentials
  • CTE programs that are dual credit, which will show connections to both high schools and technical/career centers
  • Return on Investment information

Adding this depth of information will help create a fully transparent credential ecosystem within the state and ensure Hoosiers have access to the information they need to make well-informed decisions.

Impact Within the State and Beyond

In three short years, the efforts in Indiana have made a powerful impact. CHE has collaborated with key partners across the state and country to ensure Registry data is easily accessible for Hoosiers.

  • CHE formed a partnership with Google to make Indiana one of the first states to participate in a new feature within Google Search called Pathways. Pathways in Indiana pulls data from the Registry to help job-seekers find local training programs that prepare them for in-demand jobs in their communities.
  • For those who already hold credentials, Indiana’s Ivy Tech Community College partners with Parchment to incorporate data from the Registry to build digital diplomas that individuals can take with them, share, and use to showcase their skills and competencies. This critical context is now shown in all digital diplomas issued by Ivy Tech and helps contribute to the institution’s goal of moving toward a true interoperable learner record.
  • Registry data has been incorporated into the Bendable Toolkit, which is designed to provide people of all ages and backgrounds with access to tailored resources to help them acquire new knowledge and skills.
  • Internally, CHE houses a Credential Registry widget that Hoosiers can use to browse through available options, understand what different credentials mean, and identify relevant education and training opportunities.
  • The Indiana Career Explorer will soon use the CTDL and incorporate Registry data.

These partnerships demonstrate how valuable Registry data can be when pulled into customized tools and applications tailored to different purposes and audiences. Leaders at CHE continue to expand the scopes and impact of these current partnerships while also building new relationships.

Leaders in Indiana continue to find innovative ways to integrate credential transparency with state initiatives. For example, the Governor’s Workforce Cabinet’s strategic workforce plan includes language about how the partnership with Credential Engine “provides the foundation for important tools for both employers and students to obtain the information they need to make strategic decisions about credential and career pathways.” Moving forward, state leaders will expand the use of the CTDL and Registry as the backbone of all credential-related data in the state and ensure that it is used in tools and activities for career and education exploration across the state.

Collaborating Agency Roles

  • Indiana Commission for Higher Education (CHE): Publishes information about colleges and universities and provides overall coordination among collaborating agencies.
  • Indiana Department of Workforce Development: Will publish credentials approved to be on their Eligible Training Provider List, along with promoted industry certifications.
  • Indiana Professional Licensing Agency: Will publish licensing boards and licenses.
  • Indiana Department of Education: Will publish teacher licenses and approved teacher education programs; will publish CTE programs that are dual credit, which will show connections to high schools, technical/career centers.
  • Governor’s Workforce Cabinet: Will publish CTE programs that are dual credit, which will show connections to high schools, technical/career centers, and partner postsecondary institutions.



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