Success Stories: New York

Silhouette of State of New York

Collaborating Agencies

  • New York Association of Training and Employment Professionals
  • Future Skills Exchange (FSX)
  • New York Department of Labor

Project Summary

The COVID-19 crisis has laid bare the need for better, open data about credentials, the competencies and skills they convey, their quality and regulatory approvals, and how they successfully connect workers and students with employers and jobs. The New York Association of Training and Employment Professionals took action by partnering with Credential Engine to ensure data about credentials and competencies in the critical healthcare sector would be made transparent. With support from the National Science Foundation’s RAPID grant, the project team will work to identify, map and publish education credentials. The goal is to help employers identify workers with the skills and competencies they need to fill open roles, and to support a centralized place for New Yorkers to discover training programs aligned with in-demand careers and professions.