Success Stories: Ohio

Silhouette of State of Ohio

Collaborating Agencies

  • Ohio Department of Higher Education

Project Summary

Focused on IT and cybersecurity sectors, the Ohio Department of Higher Education (ODHE) is working to reveal the labor market value of credential options, strengthen pathways from secondary career technical education to postsecondary credentials, inform policy used for career and education advising in all Ohio secondary schools, upgrade internal systems that track credentials approved for public funding, and help ensure veterans are receiving proper credit for military training. In collaboration with public institutions across the state, ODHE has now published over 5,000 credentials in those sectors and is working to expand the scope of the project to include information about all credentials offered by public institutions. By publishing all of the state’s postsecondary credentials to the Registry, Ohio is building a smarter education system that will help students and job seekers access the training necessary for the changing job market. Ultimately, ODHE plans to coordinate across other state agencies to ensure transparency across all credential types.