State Roadmap & Toolkit

Working toward a better connected learn and work ecosystem requires collaboration and planning. Credential Engine has developed the following resources to use as state leaders learn about, plan for, and implement policies and practices to create a transparent credential marketplace. The resources in the Toolkit are designed to help state leaders understand and execute the steps in the State Roadmap and Action Guide to Transparency to bring about, maintain, and benefit from credential transparency. 


The resources align with each category in the Roadmap — you can scroll or use the “Jump To” drop down to navigate — and can also be filtered to see items specific to each step in the Roadmap and to different audiences. Keep checking back as we add additional tools, guidance, and other materials.

Understand the Value

State One Pager

Learn more about how credential transparency and linked data can power better decisions in states for all learners and how Credential Engine supports states in this work.

Roadmap to Credential Transparency

Supporting credential transparency efforts is key to building an education and workforce marketplace ready to take on the challenges of the 21st century economy. This roadmap outlines how policymakers and other state leaders can lead on these issues.

State Solutions & Opportunities – Event Recording

Credential Engine hosted a virtual event on November 18, 2020 to hear from foundation leaders, state leaders, policy makers, quality experts, and more about concrete solutions and opportunities states can leverage to address these challenges.

The Learn-and-Work Ecosystem

Almost 1,000,000 credentials exist in the United States. It’s difficult to find relevant information about many of them, but The Learn-and-Work Ecosystem Guide, developed by the Lumina Foundation, highlights the many intersecting initiatives aimed at shedding light on the confusing marketplace and shows where Credential Engine and its technologies fit.

Fact Sheets

Learn about how Credential Engine is bringing transparency and credential literacy to the marketplace for different audiences including higher education, the business community, and certification & licensure.

News and Media

This selection of press clips and other media are notable examples of how Credential Engine's work is being highlighted and gaining traction.

Frequently Asked Questions

A selection of our most frequently asked questions and answers about Credential Engine's goals and technologies.

Slide Deck

This PowerPoint presentation describes who Credential Engine is, what we do, and how transparency leads to transformation. Partners can adapt and customize this slide deck based on their needs.

Make the Case

State Project Summaries

Credential Engine currently partners with 19 states and the Los Angeles region. Prior to the annual convening of state partners in 2019, each state team that was able to attend wrote brief summaries of their projects–including goals, publishing methods, and priority use cases. This resource contains all of those summaries in one document.

State Services Details Fact Sheet

Credential Engine has targeted expertise for helping states and regions benefit from credential and competency transparency. In addition to our open, freely available resources, we offer fee-based services for strategy, project management, and implementation support for using CTDL data effectively to achieve statewide and regional goals.

Roles and Responsibilities

Credential Transparency requires a collaborative effort; this guide provides context for who should be involved in the work within states and what their roles might be.

Use Case Guide

The Credential Registry and CTDL can be the backbone of numerous initiatives, projects, and other uses. If your state has not already determined its priority use cases, this guide can help you develop and communicate use cases that are important to your audiences.

Use Case Template for States

Once priority use cases have been determined, it is important to communicate the value and vision of this work. States can use this template or develop their own communications resources to share their goals widely.

Align with Existing Commitments

Creating an Impact with Credential Quality and Transparency

This is a state policy toolkit that illustrates how states can use the quality non-degree credential framework (outlined by National Skills Coalition) and the linked open data network, common description language, and publishing platform created by Credential Engine to improve credential quality and transparency.

Making Information About Credentials More Actionable Through Increased Transparency and Quality Assurance

Decision makers at all levels require quality data around job opportunities, skill and knowledge demands, and which credentials and pathways to pursue. Providing decision makers at all levels with frameworks to describe the attributes of a quality credential is one that requires partnership across state policymakers and with other stakeholders such as employers, education and training providers, advocates, and accreditors. The value of credential transparency rises exponentially when it includes assurances of quality.

State Use Cases: Examples

Credential Engine's technologies can support numerous statewide priorities. This resource provides examples of how states have approached using a common language and open source, comparable data for use cases such as defining pathways, updating approving functions, identifying high value credentials, and others.

Catalog and Publish

Completing Updates to the Currency Policy and Reports

Credential Engine created a new automated process for quality and currency controls that now generates detailed reports for Duplicate Resources, Broken Webpage Links, Resource Currency, and Incomplete Publishing, from the new Credential Registry Services page.

Making Certification Data Transparent to Advance State Goals

In order to ensure that all certifications are found and connected, credential information needs to be made transparent through Credential Engine’s open source Registry. Credential Engine, its Certification & Licensure Advisory Group (CLAG), and its state partners ask that key information about certifications be made open and available through the Credential Registry.

General Approaches to State Publishing

Credential Engine offers multiple options for publishing to the Registry. This guide outlines the publishing methods available and approaches states might take to utilize these methods for different processes and stakeholders.

Minimum & Benchmark Data Policies

Credential Engine requires a minimum set of data to ensure consistency and usefulness of data published to the Registry, as well as recommendations for benchmark levels of data that can be published to support many use cases. Additionally, state and regional partners often choose to set their own policies to ensure consistency in the state.

Trusted Third Party Publishing Policy

Many state and regional partners have existing credential data collection processes; Credential Engine's trusted third party publishing policies are designed to streamline workflows for efficient publishing while ensuring buy-in and participation from credential providers.

Manual Publishing Guidance

These step-by-step guides walk users through publishing via the manual editor for organization information, minimum required credential data, and benchmark level data.

Credential Engine Services

Credential Engine offers a wide range of freely available resources as well as fee-based services that meet the needs of organizations managing credential and competency data.

Videos: Publishing Guidance

These video demonstrations and webinars offer useful tips, tricks, and guidance for how to publish credential data into the Credential Registry.

API Publishing Guidance

Use the Registry Assistant API Handbook to plan, test, and publish using an Application Programming Interface (API).

Turn these Data into Actionable Information

Use Cases by Stakeholder

When a state commits to credential transparency, it unlocks a multitude of opportunities. This document outlines some of the many goals, initiatives, and uses that comprehensive and open source data about credentials can support.

Additional Fact Sheets

Learn more about some of the technologies behind Credential Engine's work: the Credential Transparency Description Language and linked open data.

Build Enduring Commitment